Marfrig Chile

Santiago de Chile

Located in Santiago de Chile, our Commercial Division and Distribution Center has over 20 years of experience in the market, in which we have managed to position Marfrig as market leader in the import, export and marketing of food in Chile.We are known for providing a comprehensive first class service, ranging from trading food products, foreign exchange hedging, logistics, quality control, distribution and support at the point of sale. Business Coverage extends northward, adding a commercial operation in Lima, Peru.”

Patagonia Lamb, Fish and Crabs

We have joined the purest and most extensive prairies in Magallanes,Tierra del Fuego and Torres del Paine, and a modern industrial plant with our particular way to do business. Our products offer top sanitary quality, nutrition, innocuousness and traceability. Rather than being just meat producers, we identify ourselves as a part of a “biological system” which does not belong to us; therefore, we have the mission to manage it using our best capabilities to ensure the resources sustainability for the next generations, rationally using what nature gave us. From the heart of Patagonia, we are glad to introduce Patagonia, the brand of our meat.